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Philosophy 490 Course: Professor Leonard Harris

PHILOSOPHY OF RACE:  What is racism?  Is racism an intentional effort?  A cognitive flaw, logical error, natural or contrived?  Is racism wrong because it’s a form of ill-will (Garcia), hoarding (Tilly), necro-being (Harris),  violation of the social contract (Mills), misguided evolutionary traits (Hacking), bad faith (Sartre/Gordon)? 

What is the morally worst form of racism?

What algorithms are racist?  Who uses them?


 Race based genocide in Tasmania, Namibia, America and Rwanda:

German—Namibian Holocaust 1904-1907

German Holocaust.jpg

Hutu vs. Tutsi killing field


What is race?  Is ‘race’ a “fatal invention”?

Whose definition?                              Why connect virtue to race? 

Who connected race to reason?       Is 'race' inherently morally wrong? 

Are lynchings ‘family' values?                                   

What is Asian?  Why link cultural heritage to race?

what is asian.jpg
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